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One Policemanís Lights and Siren is an anthology of short stories about Russell Smithís early police career.  The pages reveal humorous, educational and true-life events that most people never experience, or wish they had not.

"Even with bright headlights and the windshield wipers on high, my vision was greatly hindered as I drove onto a narrow bridge.  Suddenly I swerved to miss a man in the roadway.."

"We made our way into the store's front door, as quietly as we could, careful not to activate the bells that hung from a string attached to the arm at the top.  Keeping our heads down, we checked behind the counter and down the aisles but found no one.  We made our way to the storage room but no one was there either.  Slowly, I opened the door that led into the cooler."

"Lights and Siren" will be of interest to officers as well as those who have never carried a badge.  Many people are amazed when they are exposed to the world of law enforcement.  All too often officers just look at it as "part of the job" and forget how truly important it really is.
Chief Smith's memories give us a rare look at the inside of an officer's experience and what it means.

Chief Joe A. Gibson (Ret.)
Author, Old Angelo

"A wide stain started at the top of the tub and continued down to the drain.  I could see other stains as I moved into the room.. "

Lights & Siren
Lights and Siren:
One Policeman's first hand tales of crime and lay enforcement
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On February 12, 1980, twenty-year-old Sheila Elrod was killed during a jewelry store robbery in San Angelo. Texas.  This beautiful  girl had a never-met-a-stranger personality and a reputation for treating others as equals.  Her murder shocked this West Texas community like none other before it.
No Reason to Kill , with LARGE PRINT, 31 photographs, endnotes and index, is 386 pages from front to back.   It is available from, and in selected bookstores in the Texas Hill Country and West Texas.  E-mail for store locations.

No Reason to Kill

the search for Sheila Elrod's killer
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When a lawman and a Texas Ranger join forces the manhunt to find the outlaw, Alfredo Amador Hernandez, proves brutal. In a midnight gunfight reminiscent of the Wild, Wild West, three men will fight for their lives as two men fight for justice.

Noted Western Writer Elmer Kelton penned the Introduction,
"Russell Smith did years of research on the Caveman and those who participated in the massive manhunt that finally brought him to ground in a frenzy of gunfire.  He also found out much about the wily fugitive and the shadowy life he led.  It is indeed the kind of story from which legends are born."

The Gun That Wasn't There is retired San Angelo, Texas police chief Russell Smith's debut non-fiction book about the man who shot the Pumpville, Texas Postmaster (Pelham Bradford) in July 1965.  The man kidnapped Bradford's wife, forced her to open a safe and then stole their car.  Four months later he shot Terrell County Sheriff Bill Cooksey. The Sheriff survived, and Texas Ranger Alfred Allee Jr. and he capture the outlaw in a hail of gunfire at Dryden in August 1966.  Early chapters detail how the man terrorized parts of Real and Uvalde counties near Happy Hollow, Garner Park and Concan, while later chapters detail how he moved into Val Verde and Terrell counties in the mid-60s.

The Gun that Wasn't There:
One Policeman's first hand tales of crime and lay enforcement
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The Gun That Wasnít There (Booksurge) includes endnotes and an index.  It is available from, and in selected bookstores in the Texas Hill Country and West Texas.

The softback book retails for $18.99 on and $19.95 in the retail stores.  Hardback books are available from several bookstores and the author.


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